New Album with Accordionist Anne-Mari Kanniainen will be released in January 2020! Pre-order the album now!

14:15 12.12.2019

New album with accordionist Anne-Mari Kanniainen will be released in January 2020! The album consists of newly arranged Finnish folk songs. The goal of the group is to cherish their regional musical heritage by taking it to new musical contexts and audiences as they combine folk music with avant-garde and free jazz improvisation. You can preorder the album and also listen to two songs from the album HERE!

Heikki Ruokangas' Remote Control Short Movie at Oulu Art Museum 9-10.11.2019

19:26 08.11.2019

More info HERE!

New album with Noël Akchoté available now on Bandcamp!

14:16 31.10.2019

Duo album "Diptych #1 & #2" with legendary French guitarist Noel Akchoté now available on Bandcamp! More info click the image!

New video on YouTube!

20:34 16.10.2019

"Alone and Together - Live" album with Alex Jønsson is out now!

17:21 13.09.2019

New album "Alone and Together - Live" with Alex Jønsson will be released today (13.9.2019)! The album was recorded live in Denmark pretty much one year ago and here's one of the albums duo tune from Lemvig.