"Alone and Together - Live" album with Alex Jønsson is out now!

17:21 13.09.2019

New album "Alone and Together - Live" with Alex Jønsson will be released today (13.9.2019)! The album was recorded live in Denmark pretty much one year ago and here's one of the albums duo tune from Lemvig.

My Bandcamp Page is ready!

12:01 07.08.2019

My Bandcamp page is ready and there is new music available, check it out HERE!

Summer music on Spotify!

17:02 10.06.2019

New music on Spotify!

14:23 07.06.2019

New music will be released on 7th of December 2018!!

14:12 04.12.2018

Heikki Ruokangas´Remote Control EP will be out on 7th of December 2018! You can preorder the cassette from HERE !!